2021...Are We There Yet?

TunnelFor a vast majority, the year 2020 cannot get over fast enough. From a plague of locust and the appearance of murder hornets, to unprecedented weather phenomena and a global COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has collectively had ENOUGH ALREADY!

In a year where the only constant seems to be change, we wanted to share with you a couple of early trends CTI is seeing in the 8 months of client claims data we have received thus far for 2020.

  • There is very little consistency in provider pricing for services surrounding COVID-19.
  • While the CARES Act has been put in place – there is little to no consistency in the way administrators are interpreting the requirements and implementing administration of COVID-19 related claims.

No matter what the ultimate outcome of the 2020 plan year, as a self-funded employer, exercising your right to audit your third-party administrator is always a wise choice. Let CTI find those outlier providers charging $1,800 for a COVID-19 screening test that CMS only reimburses $80 for!

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